Ainsley Bailey who plays 14 year old Dina Garcia is 20 in real life. And some of the stars could find themselves in hot water after failing to rake up an impressive score. However, the Make Your MarkSpin-Off competition certainly counts as a Real Life example. Beauty Contest: a children s beauty pageant is featured in Glitz It Up. Chained Heat: After CeCe spectacularly fails her audition, Rocky forces Gary to let her be on the show by stealing CeCe s mom s handcuffs, chaining herself to CeCe and dragging her onto the stage. The Reason You Suck Speech: CeCe gets the biggest one in Oh Brother It Up , from Logan; You can t really argue with him when he calls CeCe out on her work ethic and attitude.

Secret Test of Character: Deuce is put into one in Glitz It Up when he takes the blame for Dina losing her father s pet pig, which he was tasked to babysit for three days in order to inherit the Garcia family treasure roshon fegan dating chelsie. Slippery Slope Fallacy: Rocky commits this fallacy once in Start It Up , regarding energy drinks. And again in Tunnel It Up after she loses all of the ridiculous, extravagant outer layers of her dress. Rocky and CeCe chase after her after she insulted them both. Generation Xerox: From Future It Up , Cece s son with Logan, L. Roshon Fegan, on the other hand, had a hard time with the sensuality required for his rumba, telling partner Chelsie Hightower he thought that sensuality meant huggy.

Wearing an ultra -short gold fringed mini dress which showed off her toned legs, the 31-year-old star teased her hair into a high beehive for an energetic samba. Your body naturally wants to hit the beat all the time. Although she was interested in Deuce s strangely identical cousin in Surprise It Up , even accidentally kissing Deuce twice because she thought he was the cousin..
. Ma am yes ma am probably sounded too strange or lame, while calling her sir makes her seem like a badass, to them. Subverted backstage: Bella Thorne is actually Latina. .


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